Over the last 3 months or so, one positive thing that lockdown has enabled us to do is to look back and review the year before. And boy what a year that was. More of you than ever before tucked into our delicious, award winning Naansters and Burritos – which made us grin like Cheshire cats! So, a huge thank you to over 55,000 of you for loving our products and for supporting us and a special thanks to those who took the extra time to tell us how much you enjoy our on-the-go street food via our social channels – keep it coming! We love hearing from you.

The fact many more of you are now eating our products, means we’ve done a good job too with the retailers who sell our products – including growing our listing in Sainsbury’s. We even brokered a deal in all UK major airports with WH Smith and we went international onboard commercial airline Virgin Atlantic to Mumbai. How awesome is all that?

Don’t forget though you can also find us in a number of forecourts and service stations across the UK.

To meet this demand, it meant we had to buy some new factories so that we could continue making our hand-held snacks and fulfil the incredible demand we were, and still are, experiencing.

Our staff are very important to us too and we know that they have played an important part in our growth. We always wanted to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels valued and important. To help create this friendly atmosphere we have a ‘street-food’ uniform of branded t-shirts, jeans and converse; we enjoy weekly lunches and the brothers, Jake and Naynesh put, those willing, through their paces with a weekly boxing class. Yikes! Other team building activities include go-karting or heading to the office bar after hours.

We are growing rapidly, and we love doing what we do. It was our mission right from the start to revolutionise the way people eat and we are seeing this happen right before our eyes. Jake and Naynesh can’t wait to introduce you to even more flavours in the not too distant future. Watch this space!

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